Workshop Details

Unleashing Your Inner Warrior is a workshop designed to inspire police personnel of every rank, in any assignment.  As we move through our law enforcement careers, we often discover that the passion we had at our academy graduation has faded into indifference or anger, often buried in politics and negativity.  This 4-hour course is about taking charge of your attitude and learning to maintain a positive perspective, even in the face of extraordinary adversity.

Developed and presented by Sgt. Nancy Dowdy, who utilizes her personal story of loss, resiliency and comeback to motivate students to take charge of their own lives regardless of personal or professional circumstances and regain the best version of themselves at any stage in their career. Attendees will also learn what to expect during a critical incident where lives, including their own, may be at stake and how this type of stress can affect them physically, mentally, and emotionally in the seconds, hours and months to come.

This course will inspire law enforcement professionals to remember their call to service and the sense of duty they felt on the day they were handed their badge and help them unleash their inner warrior to not only survive, but to thrive and win under any circumstances.


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