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It’s no secret that men and women are different, but in an effort to be “fair” we often fail to learn about and take advantage of those differences. This workshop is designed to provide officers, dispatchers, trainers, supervisors, managers and all other personnel with a realistic view of gender differences and how these can be harnessed to improve performance, morale, communication, relationships, and officer safety.

Sgt. Betsy Smith will guide students through an intensive, interactive training that will provide attendees with updates, information and resources they can employ to improve and enhance both the professional and personal lives of their staff, their co-workers, and themselves.

We begin each session by honoring the sacrifices of our fallen, celebrating the profession of law enforcement and asking each attendee to inwardly assess their own career.  We’ll discuss true “Warrior Ethos” and then add the principles of gender-specific science and apply cutting edge research to the everyday world of modern policing.  We’ll talk about leveraging advantages, managing conflict, and promoting leadership within any organization. The multi-media format keeps students engaged and entertained while we provide tips and tactics that attendees can use to foster better organizational communication, enhance their training and mentoring programs, and improve their daily lives both on and off the job.

We’ll leave “political correctness” behind and use real-world experience combined with the science of gender intelligence to inspire, motivate, and encourage the women and the men of your organization to excel and to win, regardless of assignment!

Course Testimonials

I totally left with a new inspiration and view.

She taught me a great deal today, and made me aware of things I would never have thought about, if not for this class.

This was the best training I’ve had in 18 years.  Most effective instructor I’ve ever had.  I will never forget her message.

The subject matter is so important to females in law enforcement; here have been so many “Ah-ha” moments today for me.  Great class!

She is articulate, hilarious and very informative.

Wow! What did I consider the most effective? EVERYTHING! Amazingly wonderfully inspiring and informative! Betsy is phenomenal.

Upbeat attitude was great! The stories and examples given brought this training session to life and made it relevant.

Honest, witty education we can start using today! Straight up REALITY! I drove 175 miles to attend this class and I would do it again!

Betsy made me “feel” the information and renewed my love of the job.


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