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Dave Smith’s “Leadership for Optimal Performance” addresses the critical truth that “leadership” is not the function of a particular rank within an agency but what any individual does with the position they are in. This program identifies and explores the skills each of us needs to bring out the best in ourselves and in others.

Dave “JD Buck Savage” Smith and his wife Sgt. Betsy Brantner Smith examine the traits found in some of the greatest leaders ever known and help students apply those characteristics and skills to their own situations.

Attendees will gain an awareness that they must show “leadership” whether they are talking to a crime victim, dispatching a call, arriving at a chaotic scene, training a recruit, speaking to the media, leading an entry team, running a staff meeting or managing an entire organization. This awareness is a major step in recognizing your critical role in the success of your agency’s mission, no matter what your position, rank, or function within the organization. This program is presented in a fast-paced, one day format filled with interaction, videos, real world resources, and of course, humor.

Discussion Topics

  • Assessing your own “Leadership” abilities
  • Realistic & critical leadership traits
  • Identifying and fixing “failure” in your organization, regardless of rank
  • Dealing responsibly with the significant issues facing all law enforcement personnel
  • Responding to the ever-changing communities we protect and serve
  • Helping yourself & others combat organizational stress
  • The “Truth About Gender Differences” and their effect on your personnel
  • The Nature of Systems
  • American Law Enforcement’s role in “Freedom”
  • Maintaining true Optimism in a bureaucratic world
  • Training leaders how to motivate others to their fullest potential
  • And so much more


This unique program explores how true leaders can get the best from their people and from themselves while at the same time combating the effects of routine, organizational stress and the roles imposed on them by bureaucracy. “Leadership for Optimal Performance” is one of the most unique law enforcement training experiences available today and is appropriate for all personnel, from dispatchers
and recruits to chiefs and sheriffs. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from one of the BEST!


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