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Completed staff work is a “bottom line concept” for any organization.  This intensive, interactive 32-hour course will teach attendees to produce a comprehensive staff report that compares and contrasts alternatives, makes strong recommendations for action, and is supported by verifiable research.

During this training the students will first learn the successful elements of constructing a good staff report.  Instructors will then facilitate a discussion of problem statements, ideas, solutions and research options. Students are encouraged to provide input. All students will then work in teams to produce a completed staff document using projects assigned by the agency. Each staff document will be accompanied by a brief (30 – 45 minute) presentation developed by each team. Each team will present their staff work to the entire class and provide organized feedback as facilitated by the instruction team. The final document and presentation with corrections should be useful to the agency as a completed staff report with recommendations for implementation.

Students will be in the classroom for 1.5 days and then released for the afternoon of the second day as well as the morning of the third day (8 hours) to compete their research, reports and presentations. The final afternoon and the following two days will be dedicated to presentations, feedback and discussion.

Discussion Topics

  • Provide the student with an understanding of the concept of completed staff work and its importance to administration.
  • Provide a systematic approach to planning, researching, and preparing for staff work.
  • Provide techniques for producing quality staff reports, including format, graphics, time accounting and evaluation procedures.
  • Provide the student with ideas and techniques on making strong oral presentations while working as a team to benefit the organization.


Three experienced instructors from “The Winning Mind” customize and facilitate each session of this training to ensure that both the attendees and their organizations receive maximum benefit from this course.


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