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The Dispatchers’ Guide to Officer Safety & Survival from the Other End of the Radio

Cops and dispatchers are trying to do essentially the same job from two very different locations and perspectives; we often have separate rules, dissimilar shifts, and frankly, neither one of us truly understands the other. But we’re all trying to serve our community and keep it, and ourselves, safe.

This one-of-a-kind interactive, multi-media training course will give public safety and private security dispatchers the opportunity to truly see, hear and feel what is happening on the street and learn how their actions, instincts and expertise can play a vital role in police officer safety and survival. We’ll help you understand “cop-speak” and learn how to “expect the unexpected,” while also learning to survive and thrive in the unique communication center atmosphere. This course will help dispatchers learn to improve their own careers and enhance job satisfaction with proven methods they can utilize immediately.

Discussion Topics

  • Helping dispatchers understand officer survival tactics on and off the street.
  • Understanding the unique stressors dispatcher face on every tour of duty.
  • Applying “warrior values” to the dispatch function.
  • Defining respectful and “tactical” communication techniques.
  • Bringing dispatchers and officers together before, during and after a critical incident, and during day-to-day operations.
  • How you and your personnel can communicate effectively within your organization… really.
  • Helping personnel develop successful leadership skills, regardless of rank or assignment.
  • When, how and why to bring dispatchers to a critical incident de-briefing.
  • Why dispatchers need to think about their own safety, both on and off duty.
  • Helping employees avoid the victim-based mentality that can develop in a high-stress environment and learn to become a true optimist.


Over 170 police officers are killed in the line of duty each year; sixty thousand are assaulted, and over sixteen thousand suffer injuries. A dispatcher can be a police officer’s life-line in a dangerous encounter. This training will give even the most seasoned dispatcher new insight into their impact on a patrol officer’s daily mission as well as their survival, and will help individual students regain the enthusiasm for their chosen career in public safety.

Watch this video where Dave Smith discusses including dispatchers in your debriefs to give them closure.


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