Workshop Details

“Buck Savage and The Power of Positive Annoyance” was originally developed in 2005 for The National Association of Field Training Officers. Have you ever wondered where “Saw Drunk, Arrested Same” and “Watch The Hands” came from? In this multimedia presentation, Dave Smith takes students through the “birth” (and the near demise) of Officer J.D. ‘Buck’ Savage of the Arizona Department of Public Safety.

This course follows Buck from his earliest days as a nameless character created by (then) police sergeant Dave Smith to entertain and teach recruit officers at the Arizona Law Enforcement Training Academy, through his nearly 30 years of video immortality. The training quickly turns from pure entertainment to an unforgettable lesson in leadership, risk-taking and organizational change.

Students will not only review the timeless officer survival lessons taught by “Officer Savage,” they will also learn how to utilize Dave Smith’s “Power of Positive Annoyance” to benefit themselves and their agency for years to come.


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