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“Beyond Off Duty Survival:  Developing a Winning Mindset for the Law Enforcement Life” was originally developed for the United States Border Patrol and is now available to all law enforcement organizations. Most law enforcement training focuses on getting you home in one piece at the end of each shift, and yet ten percent of police officer murders occur off duty.  Dave and Betsy Smith have authored numerous articles on this topic and now offer a course like no other that can be attended not only by police officers but by their spouses, partners, parents, and other significant people in the life of any crimefighter.

This class teaches officers what off duty threats they may face and how to respond safely and tactically, and then goes even further, helping them to teach their family and friends how to stay safe and respond appropriately when the unthinkable happens.  We also discuss family firearms safety, officer ambush, levels of risk, home attacks and how to bring your family into “your world” in a safe and healthy manner.

The presentation then goes beyond “off duty officer safety” and provides attendees with real-world solutions, resources and tips to not only win on the street but “WIN” at life.  We discuss relationship difficulties, substance abuse, critical incident aftermath, career disappointments, communication skills, helping kids cope and so much more.  In this fast-paced, entertaining course we’ll also talk about balancing control at home, dealing with bureaucracy, and maintaining family and individual optimism no matter what. Constantly updated with new information and real-life examples, this training helps fill in the gaps between your work world and your personal life.

Facilitated by police trainers Dave and Betsy Smith, they bring their unique experiences as cops, spouses, parents, step-parents, and law enforcement trainers to this unprecedented look into the real life of cops and their friends and families. This course will provide attendees with resources, networking opportunities, and a chance to share their experiences with others.

Discussion Topics

  • Why, how and what weapons and tools to have available in an off duty situation and how to make your family a part of the process.
  • How to develop and nurture a winning mindset on the street and still be a good spouse, parent, and friend.
  • The tactical dangers of technology
  • Preventing and preparing for off duty ambushes and in-home attacks.
  • Effective ways to help loved ones understand what we do, how we think, and why we act the way you do, both on and off duty.
  • Teaching various levels of firearms safety to any member of their inner circle.
  • What are some of the distracters officers may encounter at home and how to make sure they don’t interfere with tactical integrity.
  • How to maximize job enjoyment and success by helping friends and family become career allies.
  • Ways to realistically and effectively communicate with family and friends.


The Smith’s believe that you must “train for your relationships as hard as you train for your survival.” You can be the best cop, agent, correctional officer, or commander in your agency, but if you want to be a “winner” in your personal life; tactically, mentally and emotionally, this course is essential to your success!


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